Packaging Excellence

Have you ever been influenced to buy something solely because of its packaging? Packaging plays more of a role in your purchasing decision than you may think.

Well designed packaging has the power to turn a want into a need and into a purchase. The thought, the concept the ideas, the colours, the shape, the type and all the elements of a well-designed package work together to create something more than just a product. Great packaging adds more than just monetary value to a product – it adds emotional value. It has the power to directly trigger the emotions of the consumer, and it is what makes someone fall in love with a product.

Allied International is a leading supplier of premium value-adding packaging. The FMCG and luxury market is a challenging field for top packaging excellence and demands not only superior design creativity, but also very sophisticated technological expertise.

The difference between a great concept and a spectacularly finished product is down to project management. This is what Allied International offers with our ability to provide inspiration, organise ideas, and plan and execute the production process with a high level of attention to detail. We work with ISO, BRC and FSC certified factories to ensure a consistent level of quality. The state-of the art and sophisticated printing and finishing techniques available at the factories we use along with their hand finishing expertise and our independent quality control systems means that you get a unique custom made, first class quality product, within budget, stress-free and delivered on time.

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